Presented on March 5, New Ways – Atlanta – was designed for journalists to build their data/investigative skills, narrative storytelling abilities and knowledge of HIV and AIDS. Over the next few weeks, NLGJA will be sharing six sessions from the one-day training including The Story Behind the Story – Investigative Strategies – a discussion of strategies for covering on HIV and AIDS.

New Ways is a series of in-person and web-based trainings, fellowships and specially designed online resources to improve access to information on HIV and AIDS through a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These resources are designed to equip journalists covering issues and trends related to HIV and AIDS in new ways while reiterating the time-tested basics of talking, testing and treatment. With these resources, journalists can better serve their viewers, readers and listeners with important information, especially those in communities and geographic areas most impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Video recording and editing by Andy Leverett, freelance videographer and New Ways Fellow