NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists wishes Ronan Farrow our sincerest congratulations after his work for The New Yorker won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, along with reporting for The New York Times.

The prize committee awarded Farrow’s work and that of reporters at The New York Times, “for explosive, impactful journalism that exposed powerful and wealthy sexual predators, including allegations against one of Hollywood’s most influential producers, bringing them to account for long-suppressed allegations of coercion, brutality and victim silencing, thus spurring a worldwide reckoning about sexual abuse of women.”

NLGJA applauds Farrow’s thorough reporting and exposure of chronic sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood and beyond. Farrow has long been a supporter of NLGJA’s work and has exemplified what it means to cover the LGBTQ community. NLGJA is proud of our association with Farrow and once again offer our congratulations on his Pulitzer Prize.