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Debra Chasnoff is one of the 2022 inductees into the LGBTQ Journalists Hall of Fame. Chasnoff is a documentary filmmaker and nationally recognized champion of using film as an organizing tool for social justice campaigns, and a pioneering leader in the international movement to create safe and welcoming schools and communities. Her films include Straightlaced: “How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up,” “It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School,” and “Let’s Get Real and That’s a Family!” Chasnoff’s first film, “Choosing Children,” explored the once unheard of idea that lesbians and gay men could become parents after coming out. In addition to dozens of film festival awards, Chasnoff is the recipient of the Wallace A. Gerbode Foundation Fellowship for outstanding non-profit leadership, the Pathfinder Award from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and the first-ever alumnae achievement award in documentary filmmaking from Wellesley College. Chasnoff has been a featured speaker at dozens of colleges and conferences, and was recently named a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow. She is the founder of GroundSpark and co-creator of our renowned Respect For All Project. She has served the organization in a directing capacity since 1982.