Oct 16, 2015
8:30 am - 7:00 pm


Organized by UNITY: Journalists for Diversity, “Empowering the Southern Narrative” will bring journalists from around the country to Tuscaloosa for an event centered on media literacy, social media, entrepreneurial journalism and discussions of poverty. The summit will also feature a town hall meeting on the reporting during the Civil Rights Movement.

Scheduled speakers include Jennifer Crandall, Artist-in-Residence at Alabama Media Group; Jennifer Chang, deputy growth editor at Quartz; Willoughby Mariano, award-winning investigative reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and Matt Leavall, Project Director at Alabama Innovation Engine.

Registration is $35 for the public and gratis for students and faculty. Register at http://unityjournalists.org.

UNITY: Empowering the Southern Narrative

UNITY: Empowering the Southern Narrative