The Advocate has released its list of top political and Gay(ish) blogs. The line seems a little blurred to me—Joe.My.God seems to fit in the same category as TowleRoad, while Pam’s House Blend seems to be pretty political and less general—but it’s still an interesting couple of lists.

Top Political Blogs

The Bilerico Project
Gay Patriot
Immigration Equality Blog
David Mixner
HRC Backstory
Chris Crain
Daily Beast
Drudge Retort
Andrew Sullivan
Gay Politics/Victory Fund

Top Gay(ish) Blogs
Rod 2.0

A few observations. First, congratulations to the folks who made the list because this kind of work is not easy.  Many of these folks–Mixner, Rogers, Aravosis, Savage–have been able to parlay their influence into a broader role as “spokesmen” for the movement.

(For an interesting take on whether bloggers are leaders of the LGBT movement, Duncan Osborne contacted a few people on these lists to see whether they see themselves as leaders)

What’s also striking about the list–and it is a challenge all journalism has, not just “citizen journalists”–is the homogeneity of the voices. The list is made up almost exclusively of gay, white men from urban, coastal centers. The political slants tend to be left-of-center or progressive. Largely missing are women’s voices, trans voices, and the voices of non-white people.  Even the group blogs are dominated by gay, white voices.

If new media and citizen journalism is the future of journalism, how do we increase the diversity of voices?