Anyone with a Twitter feed  with some LGBT folks on it  likely knows that Netroots Nation was in full-swing this week in Las Vegas and the LGBT blogosphere was well represented.  Here’s a quick report from Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend.

Pam Spaulding and Michael Rogers (from Pam's Houseblend)

It may look like just a party, but think about the LGBT online political power in the room. We’ve been meeting in groups offline for some time, with this conference being one of the most prominent non-LGBT related ones. It dispels the notion that we’re all just a bunch of online armchair critics sitting in Cheetos-stained PJs spouting off. Nearly every person in that room is on the same page strategically (and we know exactly who isn’t), and believe the approaches we are taking are compatible.

We are human beings who do care about the LGBT and progressive movements, and our roles to play in helping move equality forward. Our progressive colleagues at NN certainly recognized the unprecendented LGBT attendance and cross-pollenation of ideas that Netroots Nation provides, and that we are committed to pushing the envelope. It’s sad we have to with a self-proclaimed LGBT-friendly administration and Congress, but there you have it. Sitting back and waiting for change isn’t cutting it.

Special props to Michael Rogers and his National Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative pre-conference. Rogers raised $16,000 for Netroots Nation scholarships and organized the pre-conference. He rounded up a who’s who of the LGBT establishment to meet with the bloggers in attendance.  Their pre-conference and other Netroots Nation events were tweeted at #lgbtnn10